Electric Gates

 Repairs and Servicing

Having your electric gates serviced regularly is an important part of ensuring that your gates have a long and trouble free lifespan. We are happy to service any of our gate installations or those installed by others. We are also available for callouts and repairs, extra remotes, intercom and pillar lighting repairs.

Servicing Guidelines: 
Motors should be removed from the foundation boxes
Motors and foundation boxes should be examined and cleaned
All moving parts should be lubricated with waterproof grease
A soak away test should be conducted
Oil should be topped up if required
Safety devices should be checked and cleaned
Control board and hosing should be checked
Main welds on the hinges of the gate should be checked
All external parts should be lubricated
A forces measure test should be conducted
A through check of the mains electrics and an Earth loop impedance test carried out
Paintwork should be touched up to prevent rusting
Provide a service report 
Ensure all service records are updated
Advise of upgrades, such as safety edges 

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